Paying It forward - Phase 4

 All successful children are invited back and given the opportunity to mentor and play big brother/big sister to an up and coming child in the program

Train Up A Child - Phase 2

 Children age 13 to 18 years of age are taken through fun interactive course to prepare them for an ever changing business world.

Planted Seeds Phase  1

Enroll your children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old in our anything but typical daycare services 

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" Your dreams will never manifest if you continue to sleep"

Train Up A Child

Phase 2

We want continued involvement with our children after the age of 12. That brings us to phase 2 or the phase known as “Train up a Child.” This phase will focus on children ages 13 to 18 years of age, freshman through high school seniors. It will be available year round. The curriculum will broken into two age groups; 13-15 and 16-18. In this phase children must maintain a grade point average of a C or higher in order to remain in this part of the program. It will be mandatory that all progress reports and report cards are submitted to us during the school year of this phase. During summer months, we will use the last available report card to verify grade point average. If the child falls below a C grade point average, we will give our best efforts and work together with the teacher, parent, and student in an effort to raise the grade point average back to where it belongs. Everything Kids never wants to be traditional that is why the “Train up a Child” phase will incorporate fun and interactive ways of learning. The goal is to build the general knowledge that it will take for them to become the successful business leaders of tomorrow. It will serve as an alternative to the idle time and help to keep our teenagers off of the streets.  Our goal in this phase is to create children of impact.

The program will be composed of 8 week strategic classes that will offer a wealth of information. Moreover, these classes will be designed to prepare our youth for the world of business and introduce them to concepts that are normally learned later in life. All classes will be taught by someone that has extensive knowledge in the area that they are teaching. We will also hold workshops and seminars which will be available for both parents and children. Among some of these workshops will be “Taking Charge,” a class that focuses on building leadership skills, “Dollar Bills,” a class that deals with personal finance and money management, “You’re Hired,” a class that addresses getting into the workforce and workforce etiquette and ‘Wall Street Kid,” a class that will teach on investment strategies. 

Harvest Season - Phase 3

 Chidren ages 16-18 years of age focus all of their attention on college preparation