Harvest Season - Phase 3

 Chidren ages 16-18 years of age focus all of their attention on college preparation

Train Up A Child - Phase 2

 Children age 13 to 18 years of age are taken through fun interactive course to prepare them for an ever changing business world.

Planted Seeds Phase  1

Enroll your children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old in our anything but typical daycare services 

Kids Counseling

Having someone to talk to about the issues of life and how to handle them is extremely important no matter how old your are.  Everything Kids has our own counselor on staff to ensure that we are helping and guiding our children as difficult obstacles arise throughout their life.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is important to Everything Kids.  We believe that teaching good nutrition and exercise starting at an early age will help our kids to make good healthy choices throughout their life. 

Kids Fitness

Kids Displaced

Unfortunately, homelessness affects so many kids in todays society.  This saddens us at Everything Kids as we believe that these kids are just as important as any of the others.  In our efforts to touch as many kid lives as possible, we know that it is our duty to offer our services to this group of kids as well.  We make it our business to ensure that these kids understand that although they may have experienced some early challenges in life that giving up isn't an option.

Paying It forward - Phase 4

 All successful children are invited back and given the opportunity to mentor and play big brother/big sister to an up and coming child in the program