Paying It forward - Phase 4

 All successful children are invited back and given the opportunity to mentor and play big brother/big sister to an up and coming child in the program

Harvest Season - Phase 3

 Chidren ages 16-18 years of age focus all of their attention on college preparation

Train Up A Child - Phase 2

 Children age 13 to 18 years of age are taken through fun interactive course to prepare them for an ever changing business world.

Planted Seeds Phase  1

Enroll your children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old in our anything but typical daycare services 


It's important to invest into our children as they are our future. We continue to lose too many of our youth to gangs, violence, and drugs and Everything Kids refuses to sit back and watch.  Instead, we choose to get involved and show our children that their dreams, hopes, and goals can be achieved.  We believe that with proper nurture, guidance, and teachings that we can help to save our children.


We are going to invest time, equip our children with education, encouragement them, and diversify them.  We have a plan that gives them a head start in life and ultimately prepares them for the "real world".  We'll incorporate different techniques and innovative ideas that will help guide them down the road of success.  They will be taught from an early age how to stand out, in a good way, and lead from the front.

our Message to Parents


Everything Kids partners together with you and becomes a part of your village.  We work collectively with our parents in an effort to help raise well -rounded and diverse individuals


Everything Kids is built as a four phase program that focuses on pouring back into our youth and help to build the leaders of tomorrow.  We instill values, morals, and good ethics that can be applied in throughout their entire life.